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How many of you have ever worried whether you’re eating too many carbs? How many of you have worried about whether you’re getting enough protein? And how many of you have ever worried about whether you’re eating too much fat?

Over the last few decades, concern about these macronutrients has been embedded in our culture. Marketing companies have done a fantastic job of confusing us all…

Stopping for a coffee or tea during a hectic school day allows us to enjoy a little moment to ourselves whilst also getting a quick caffeine hit. Recently, a new controversy is threatening to shake the established tradition in staffrooms across the country: the increasing popularity of plant-based milks.

At TeachStrong, we love a good HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. They’re fast, effective and to the point, giving us the results we want in less time. One of the things taking up a great deal of teacher’s time is marking. How many of us have to stay up late going over books?


Many people are sceptical about the effects of meditation and it is true that research into this aspect of well-being is in its early stages. However, good quality studies are showing that just 5 minutes of mindfulness a day will offer a whole host of benefits. 

Many well-being initiatives (such as “Colleague of the Week” and “Mugging”) are well intentioned but they just need a little tweaking and I think the majority of head teachers are doing the best they can under a huge amount of pressure.