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High Intensity Interval Marking (HIIM)

At TeachStrong, we love a good HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. They’re fast, effective and to the point, giving us the results we want in less time. One of the things taking up a great deal of teacher’s time is marking. How many of us have to stay up late going over books? Taking away moments that could be spent with friends, family or sleeping. So, with that in mind, here are our “5 Steps to High Intensity Interval Marking (HIIM)”. This is a method we believe will reduce time spent marking so you can spend your evenings doing the things that bring you joy.

Step 1: Remove distractions

Go to a place where you can minimise interruptions. Turn off any background noise such as music or the tele. Silence is your ally to help you reach high levels of focus. Turn off the notifications on your phone and put it away. Make sure your desk is tidy and the only thing in front of you is the task at hand.

Step 2: Set the timer

Wait, not on the phone! Use our HIIM Timer! It’s a 30-minute timer which includes 20 minutes effort (marking) and 10 minutes rest. When you’re ready, take a deep breath and start the timer.

Step 3: Focus and flow

Now is the time to really go for it. Do nothing but that one task. We want to reach that feeling of being in the zone, a state where we are fully involved in what we are doing and there is a sense of fluidity and enjoyment.

Step 4: Take breaks

When the 20-minute timer goes off have your 10-minute break. Use this time to move, walk around, stretch or even do some more active exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups or squats. Look outside the window to give your eyes a rest and get some natural light and, if you can, step outside. Make yourself a herbal tea, take some deep breaths to oxygenate the mind and body and release physical tensions, and then get back to work.

Step 5: Have a longer break

If you’ve done 3 rounds of HIIM and you haven’t finished, take a 20-minute break after the 3rd round. Then, when you’re ready, go again!

There you have it! Our HIIM method. Let us know if you put HIIM into practice and how you get on. We hope you find it useful!

Julia x