Just 1 Minute of Meditation Can Make a Difference

By Samuel Hart

Director of teachstrong

Many people are sceptical about the effects of meditation and it is true that research into this aspect of well-being is in its early stages. However, good quality studies are showing that just 5 minutes of mindfulness a day will offer a whole host of benefits. These include: increasing focus; reducing stress, anxiety and depression; and improving memory, emotional awareness and overall happiness. How many of these benefits would be beneficial for school staff?

Even better: there is evidence to suggest that just 1 minute a day is enough to set you on the right path to enjoying these effects. We often say that time is the biggest reason why we are not able to address our inner well-being more. But even the busiest person has 1 minute during the day! 

It’s a simple as:
“Sit, close your eyes, try to feel your breath coming in and going out, you don’t have to breathe in a special way, just feel the breath as it naturally occurs. Every time you get distracted, which is going to happen a million times, you start again, and again, and again.”

 – Dan Harris

Dan Harris, a news anchor and well-being advocate, says, “Noticing that you become distracted and then beginning again is like a bicep curl for your brain.” 

So, why not try some brain bicep curls this week? Just 1 minute. Every day. And see if it makes a difference to how you feel. 

Check out our free 1-minute guided meditation on YouTube.

We’d love to hear how you get on.