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We all know people working in education who regularly go beyond the call of duty and deserve our thanks and praise. However, despite our best intentions, our busy lives often get in the way!

According to the Teacher Wellbeing Index 2019, 72% of education professionals describe themselves as stressed and more than half of all staff have considered leaving the sector in the last two years, with senior leaders more likely to do so. While 65% of staff leaving the profession stated that it was because they did not feel valued.

Fortunately, there are a number of socially-driven companies like TeachStrong whose mission is to empower teachers and teaching assistants to prioritise themselves in order to take care of others. For example, their Termly Transformation Programme is designed by teachers for teachers and is a way for school staff to revitalise their health through nutrition, movement, inner well-being, community & sleep. 

While TAP (Thank And Praise) is a unique social platform designed to make it easier for parents to thank and reward those working in education, within a free-to-use, private and secure digital environment. Primarily designed to improve teacher wellbeing, which is closely aligned to pupil attainment and staff retention.

Given our mutual passion for Teacher Wellbeing, we were delighted earlier this year when TeachStrong came onboard as a TAP Supporter.

A lot has happened since then of course, and following the nation’s outpouring of gratitude to all key workers including those working in schools, TAP has responded by creating a Digital Thanking Wall to enable the public to post their messages of appreciation.

Since its launch, I’m delighted that TAP’s Digital Thanking Wall has received hundreds of messages of thanks, each one inspiring and personal, and importantly many are for those working in education. Samuel Hart, Director of TeachStrong and a Primary School teacher is a big supporter of our initiative: “TAP’s Thanking Wall is such a lovely way to publicly show gratitude to our amazing school staff and NHS workers. It’s really easy to use and will do so much to show these people how grateful we are for everything they do. Well done to TAP for providing this platform!”

We’ve made TAP’s Digital Thanking Wall easy to share people’s appreciation, and messages of thanks are also collated from TAP’s social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as by emailing thank@thankandpraise.com. The inspiring messages are then posted on our TAP Education Thanking Wall for everyone, especially key workers, to see – so please do have a read!

If you’re interested in adopting TAP free-of-charge in your school or college, or partnering with TAP, please contact james@thankandpraise.com

Leave your message of thanks at: https://www.thankandpraise.com/thankingwallhealthcare