Well-being isn’t always leaving cakes in the staffroom but well-being definitely is yoga (and it is mindfulness, and it is celebrating your colleagues, and it is talking to each other).

Yes, changes have to be made in terms of workload, including planning, data and marking. However, school staff cannot afford to let their health and mental well-being deteriorate until things get better. Teachers and TAs cannot accept that stress, anxiety and sleepless nights are just “part of the job”. We can take control of our daily routine and make small changes that won’t take away from our precious time but actually add to it.

Looking at; how we eat; how much we move during the day; how much time we allow ourselves to focus on our inner well-being; changes we can make to promote a good night’s sleep; and the importance of social connections will all have a huge impact. Many well-being initiatives (such as “Colleague of the Week” and “Mugging”) are well intentioned but they just need a little tweaking and I think the majority of head teachers are doing the best they can under a huge amount of pressure.

Well-being is not a fad, it’s just in its early stages. Yoga, mindfulness, gratitude and kindness are not fads. School staff, like every other human on the planet, just need to make use of them in the most effective way.

Sam 🌱💪✌️

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